Temperature Monitoring System

TempMon is a Temperature Monitoring system meant to free up the human task of reading the temperature over and over again. The System is doing the reading , the system is making a decision based on how you configured it to send or not to send a notification.

Oasis International

Oasis International is the recognized worldwide leader of bottled and pressure water coolers and they provide point-of-use filtration equipment, drinking fountains, dehumidifiers and water pitcher systems to offices, schools, businesses, hospitals, municipal buildings and homes.


CANGO is specialized in CANbus and vehicle data acquisition. They have a vast experience in automotive applications and knowhow in interpretation of vehicle signals. Their portfolio is mostly based on automotive, telematics, industrial and off-road projects. We've worked together on a number of projects.


DASSTEC is providing design, development and technical analysis of automated systems with a permanent concern for their reliability, safety, design methodology and development concepts. We've worked together on a number of projects.

Midas & Co. SRL

Under the ISO 9001 quality standard, Midas & Co manufactures componentes, subsystems and electronic devices along with various automation systems.

Calpeda AB

Calpeda AB si an automation system integrator that activates in the water supply market and is located in Vastra Frolunda, Sweden.


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